The Ultimate Resume Checklist

Check the resume checklist before you send it
A resume checklist can help you polish your document before sending it to a prospective employer. The resume creation process can be intimidating. But take heart. Keep the following 15 point checklist close as you move forward. Run through it one final time to make sure everything is in order before you submit your resume to employers.
  1. Does your resume appear balanced on the page? Your employers will glance over your document before they read it to look for for a general sense of order and professionalism.
  2. Is your resume one page long? Most readers will cast a glance toward the end of your document before they begin reading each line. Your resume should be concise and manageable.
  3. Is your heading complete? Make sure your name and contact information are clear, prominent and typo-free.
  4. Is your summary short and complete? Your summary should be between two and five lines long and make a strong case for your candidacy.
  5. Does your education section include all relevant details? Don’t skip point that might help you, including your graduation dates, course of study, GPA, honors status, cum laude status or special academic awards. (At the same time, don’t include dates or GPA information that might hold you back.)
  6. Is your relevant experience section logically organized? No matter how you choose to present your past and your professional capabilities (chronological, functional, or a combination of both), make sure your information is easy to read and interpret.
  7. Have you listed all relevant former employers? Don’t miss any. This is easy if you’ve only held a few jobs. After decades in the industry, positions and achievements can easily slip through the cracks.
  8. Have you consulted your notes? Each of your relevant accomplishments may seem very significant in the moment, but it’s easy to forget these details a few years down the road. Don’t miss an opportunity to stand out.  (How are you doing? We’re over halfway through the resume checklist!)
  9. Have you included your dates of employment? In a functional resume, this isn’t important. But if you choose the chronological layout, your employers will want your position start and end dates.
  10. Are your accomplishments quantified? Have you added numbers, amounts, and timelines to your accomplishments in order to help readers understand them in context?
  11. Is your skills section concise and relevant? Choose a manageable number of skills (if you list too many, the most important ones may be overlooked). Try to emphasize the skills that will help you get noticed.
  12. Have you reviewed the job post to search for points of alignment? Make sure you understand what your employers are looking for and if you have these qualifications, make sure they stand out.
  13. Have you done a keyword check? Your resume should include relevant keywords that employers might use to search for matches.
  14. Have you handed your document to another reader? Friends and editors can catch problems and typos you may have missed.
  15. Have you looked over everything one last time? Before you attach the final draft of your resume to your cover letter, review it one final time through the eyes of a potential hiring manager.
Don’t let a small detail or avoidable misstep stand between you and the job of your dreams. After you read the resume checklist, turn to the tools available on MyPerfectResume for additional help and guidance.


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